Living for Christ in daily life and work?

Posted by admin at 9:11 AM on Sep 12, 2017


Does your church equip people to live faithfully for Christ in their daily lives, especially at work? Do they feel affirmed, encouraged and understood?

Here are some practical steps that a local church could take:

  • Courses – to help people relate their faith to their daily life and work. The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) offer “Life on the Frontline” and “Fruitfulness on the Frontline”. There is also their “Transforming Work” resource.
  • “TTT” -This Time Tomorrow – invite someone to stand up at church on Sunday and ask what they will be doing at the same time on Monday. What decisions might they need to make? Who will they meet? What will they be making? You could ask someone who is applying for jobs – maybe they will be filling in a form or going for an interview.
  • Prayer – for people in their daily work and tasks.
  • Commissioning – we commission people in church who are going to do missionary work. What about someone starting a new job (you could celebrate it with cake or wine according to taste!) or a child moving up to a new school?
  • Take your minister to work – needs permission, but could be transforming as people see that the church leader is interested in the world of work.
  • Chaplaincy are there people in the church who have some time and an interest in people? There could be a ministry for them, perhaps on your local High Street.
  • Specific meetings – these work well in a local pub.Get someone with an interesting job to speak about how they relate it to their faith. Arrange a light buffet and open it up to questions. A great evangelistic opportunity!
  • Get involved – with local trades associations, business partnerships, Rotary, Chambers of Commerce, Business Breakfasts
  • WWW – not the World Wide Web, but Where We Work – a map of the area on a church notice board showing where people work, perhaps illustrated with “selfies”BCUIM has a “Faith at Work” Taster session: