Prayers for People and their Local Economy

Posted by admin at 8:47 PM on Sep 5, 2020


Dear Praying Friends

I have recommenced my role as West Bromwich Workplace Missioner & Chaplain today.

As I travel from place to place in West Bromwich I am encountering folk and situations that require intercession in extremis.

I realise that this may be a common situation for so very many in our land but this place has my heart and life interwoven in it and its people.

First of all that those who have had to close their businesses which was until recently filled with their hopes and joys and dreams.

That which they wished to be a legacy is gone.

My prayer for them and their lost business, employees and customers is that, ‘this too shall pass’.

That they remember their hopes and dreams and the struggles they made in the past and the victories they won then that they can win again.

This may be battle lost but not the war. That inspiration will come to try and try again.

That they too will turn to the Most High and cry to Him.

Secondly for those businesses that remain. It is very discouraging to open up for trade when so many friends businesses right next door have had to close. It’s not just the business it’s also the comradeship of the daily banter and shared grumbles about the weather or whatever comes to mind.

It can be lonely for them - and as Chaplain I can be there for them and listen - but I am not enough.

Please pray for resilience and customers for them.

Pray with me that they not only continue through this struggle but also flourish.

Pray with me that they may also remember to call on the grace and mercy of God in Christ Jesus that they with us may have our daily bread.

Pray for a good future out there beyond tomorrow - I pray we reach it together.

Thank you for your prayers.

As I conclude this request I was interrupted by two folk.

One a young man of about his mid twenties who was returning from an interview for his own job - which was being reduced to part time. It’s this or no job at all. We spent some time in conversation.

Then a second. A mature lady also going to an interview for her own job that was also being reduced to 17 hours from 34. I prayed for her and for her prospective employer who is struggling to keep the business alive and not lose its experienced people.

Hold them tight in your loving prayers.


Employers and employees.

For daily bread. For all of us.


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