Workers Matter

Posted by admin at 4:45 AM on Mar 8, 2018


An early morning walk in York prompts these thoughts, delivered as a "Thought for the Day" at Quinton Methodist Church Forum (1/2/18).

Some years ago when my parents were living in York I set out one morning to undertake the Rowntree Walk which is a walk visiting the places where the Quaker businessman Joseph Rowntree either lived or gave land to residents in York city.

However my walk being in the early morning gave me a perspective of people working in the city. I firstly passed a security guard standing in the cold at Fulford Barracks on the outskirts of the city. I then hit a main road where I saw a bus stuck in heavy traffic full of passengers travelling into the city centre. As I walked into the main shopping area there were bin men collecting the rubbish from shop s and restaurants.

I passed a number of shops where there were cleaners hoovering the carpets and preparing the shops ready for the day. The walk took me to a street with a number of guest houses. Passing the window of one Guest House I saw people being served their breakfast.

I then crossed the River Ouse and called at York Station for a newspaper from W H Smith. A train had just arrived from Scarborough full of commuters many who alighted at York.

On my final leg of the walk I passed the entrance to Rowntree Park where Council employees were opening the gates ready for York residents to enjoy the lovely grounds.

We often take for granted those who are working particularly early in the day to enable us to walk into a clean shop and as a tourist stay at a guest house in a city like York. These jobs are often not well paid and insecure.

I was fortunate to have worked in a local authority setting for 35 years and in a comfortable office environment.Many people are not working in a safe environment.Each year, the 28th April is observed as International Workers’ Memorial Day.Workers come together and remember those who have been killed and injured at work. The slogan for the day is “remember the dead – fight for the living”.

So my thought for today is to remember all those people we come into contact with who are working whether it is the bus driver or the person behind the counter in the bank.