Workplace Chaplaincy Mission UK

Chaplains are offering important pastoral and prophetic ministry in many contexts - as we saw at our ‘19 Autumn Conference… Healthcare, Business, Education, Hospitality & Events, Emergency Services, Retail and Transport et al. We had hoped to have regular ‘face to face’ conversations with more 1:1 possibilities, but due to Covid this wasn’t possible… The feedback to our regular intersectional e-newsletters and social media has been very encouraging and so we now offer this significant e-gathering opportunity on a zoom facility - hoping to offer additional focussed sessions thereafter.

We are in times where Covid related death rates have shocked the country; once vibrant growing businesses are now in a ‘no-revenue’ position; universities are in a complete state of flux as they shift gear…; students wish to come back to study but how and where… ? Young ‘Care Leavers’ are stepping into a great unknown pathway… and now more than ever, we are mindful we need to extend ‘virtual hands of friendship and support…’.

Mental Health concerns and Wellness support is on many lips with significant concern. Chaplains also need to care for themselves. The weekend following this Wellbeing+Chaplaincy+Faith webinar is World Mental Health Day. Therefore, we hope this initiative will help our collaborative Chaplaincy settings raise the profile of Wellbeing and Chaplaincy in many settings, and offer wider real support to many… Perhaps the experience of Chaplains can help both in cultural and contextual understandings in this fast-moving context.

Book via Eventbrite - Zoom details to follow