Churches & Chaplaincy

Local churches are a Christian presence in their communities and a way of reaching people with the gospel message.

There are many different ways of doing this.

Churches are well placed to offer chaplaincy to local shopping areas or local industries and offices. A chaplain who is a member of a local church will have a ready point of contact with the community, understanding their context and what is happening in the area.

Another way would be to appoint a church member to to be your chaplain to the groups that hire your buildings. They aren’t there to collect the rent, rather to build links between the group and the church and to get alongside group members.
If anyone is interested in this ministry, please contact us through the web site.

We also welcome opportunities to speak at services or church meetings, looking at how we live as Christians in an economic world, or how we support and encourage church members at work or whatever their “Front Line” (where they are on a Monday morning) may be.

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