Could your church offer Chaplaincy? Could you be a chaplain?

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Could your church offer chaplaincy?

Ask a group of people to form a circle and generally they will face inwards. All too often our churches are like that. We focus on the many important tasks necessary to maintain our fellowship, finances and fabric, keeping “the show on the road.” From time to time we organise outreach events.

Chaplaincy is an outward facing ministry that keeps the church in contact with different groups in society. It isn’t about organising events: it relies on building up relationships through regular and consistent engagement.

There are plenty of opportunities. Some churches appoint a chaplain to visit the various groups who use their hall or other facilities. They’re not there to collect the rent, but rather to get to know people and act as a point of contact with the church.

Other churches encourage chaplaincy with people visiting local workplaces, shopping streets and centres. At a time when many people retain a faith, but have lost contact with their local churches, this ministry is appreciated.

Chaplains are there for people of all faiths and none, and chaplaincy can be a helpful presence to build and maintain strong communities.

Could you be a chaplain?

Are you interested in relating Christian faith to the workplace? Are you a good listener? Can you affirm and encourage people? Do you have a couple of hours a week you could offer as a volunteer chaplain? If you live in the Black Country, or can reach it easily, then we would love to hear from you. Contact Revd. Bill Mash, Team Leader Black Country Urban Industrial Mission on 01902 710407 or for an initial discussion.

BCUIM seeks to serve the church and develop workplace chaplaincy ministry. It’s a process of:

- Selection – we will help you see if you have the right approach and skills

- Training – a five session course

- Introduction – to businesses and localities

- Connection – with other chaplains

- Support – shared encouragement and ongoing training

There may be opportunities outside the Black Country too. BCUIM has good links with other chaplaincy groups and sectors. We can help negotiate chaplaincy opportunities and provide support and training.

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